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Click on a current catalog button to find out more information for each colour and shape. Sizes range from 1mm to 20mm depending on type, size and shape.


Lab Created Aquamarine #107LabLabLabLabLabLabLab
Lab Created Alexandrite #49Lab
Cubic Zirconia White ACubic
Hydrothermal EmeraldHydrothermalHydrothermalHydrothermalHydrothermalHydrothermalHydrothermalHydrothermalHydrothermal
Cubic Zirconia White Heart & ArrowCubic
Lab Created Star RubyLab
Cubic Zirconia Dark AmethystCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Lab Created Ruby #5LabLabLabLabLabLabLabLabLabLabLab
Lab Created Pink #2LabLabLabLabLabLabLabLabLab
Lab Created Aquamarine #106 LabLabLabLabLabLabLabLabLab
Canary YellowCubic
Lab Created Blue Spinel #113LabLabLabLabLabLabLabLabLab
Lab Created Alexandrite#45LabLabLabLabLabLabLabLabLab
Lab Created Blue Sapphire #34 LabLabLabLabLabLabLabLab
Lab Created Alexandrite #46Lab
Simulated TanzaniteSimulated
Cubic Zirconia White AACubic
Cubic Zirconia White Euro MachineCubic
Lab Created Blue Star SapphireLab
Cubic Zirconia White AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Simulated AquamarineSimulated
Cubic Zirconia White AAAA (4A)Cubic
Simulated Blue SapphireSimulatedSimulated
Cubic Zirconia White AAAAA (5A)Cubic
Simulated Blue SpinelSimulated
Simulated Blue TopazSimulatedSimulated
Cubic Zirconia Apple Green AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Aquamarine AAACubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Black AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Simulated Pink SapphireSimulatedSimulated
Cubic Zirconia Blue Sapphire AAACubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Blue Topaz AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Swiss Blue Topaz AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Simulated Yellow SapphireSimulatedSimulated
Cubic Zirconia Brown AAACubicCubicCubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Canary Yellow AAACubic
Cubic Zirconia Dark Champagne AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Garnet AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Green AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Golden Yellow AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Lavender AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Olive Peridot AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Olive Green AAACubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Orange AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Pink AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Lab Created Blue Zircon #120LabLabLabLabLabLabLabLabLab
Cubic Zirconia Red AAACubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Rhodolite AAACubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Tanzanite AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Violet AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic
Cubic Zirconia Yellow AAACubicCubicCubicCubicCubicCubic

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