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We are supplier of Synthetic gemstone, Cubic zirconia and Natual gemstone.

Cubiczirconia gemtone website is based in Wouchou, China, “World Center of Man Made Gemstone. Our company ”, has been in the synthetic gemstone and jewelry business for more than 40 years. We have our own gem cutting factories in China and Thailand. We have been exporting our gems to all over the world. Our operation centers span from Bahrain, Dubai, India & Thailand.

Cubiczirconiagem: Our company is one of the leading suppliers of CZ cubic zirconia, synthetic Diamonds, Synthetic corundum, Synthetic Spinel, Lab made gemstone Terbium Glass, Quartz, Hydrothermal, Precious & Semi-Precious Gems of all colors, shapes, sizes, quality and any quantities. With International and Local Mine sources of both rough and cut gemstones, our prices are the most competitive.

China is renowned all over the world as a major Man made gemstone and is producing center of man made gemstone and its highly skilled personnel has brought success to our company in achieving customer satisfaction. Our company was the winner of the Export Product Award for 1989 & a host of other awards to follow, which demonstrates our high quality and reliable service.

Yours Sincerely

Dr.Montri Ilyas,M.Sc.,Ph.D
ILyas Lapidary Co., Ltd.

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