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Alexandrite Pulled Color Change Lab Created

Synthetic Lab Grown Color change alexandrite is a crystal which has been created by the floating zone method. This method is similar to the pulling (Czochralski method), when the crystal is pulled vertically, but, instead, here it is pulled horizontally, using a tungsten dish and slow-melting technique, where the dish is pulled over a period of time under a heating element.

Chemical composition: BeAl2O4+Fe,Ti,

Color: Green/Blue daylight and fluorescent light

Crystal structure: Orthorhombic,

Hardness: 8.5,

Refractive Index: 1.746-1.756,

Density: 3.75.


Click on a current catalog button to find out more information for each colour and shape. Sizes range from 1mm to 20mm depending on type, size and shape.

Alexandrite Pulled Color Change Lab Created Price

Pulled Alexandrite (Color Change)Pulled Alexandrite (Color Change) ROUNDPulled Alexandrite (Color Change) OVALPulled Alexandrite (Color Change) OCTAGONPulled Alexandrite (Color Change) HEARTPulled Alexandrite (Color Change) PEARPulled Alexandrite (Color Change) Trillion

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