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ILYAS Lapidary ( Is a leading manufacturer of Cubic Zirconia Stones, Synthetic Stones, Glass Stones, Hydrothermal Quartz and Hydrothermal Created Gems, Semi Precious Stones, Precious Stones, Natural Marcasite and Cultured Pearls.
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ILyas Lapidary( has its own Gem Cutting factory in China and Bangkok. We have years of experience in cutting all kinds of gemstones. Our stones have clarity, brilliance and dimensions. Each stone is fully cut and polished either by hand or by machine making pefectly faceted stones.

synthetic gem cutting factory

ILYAS Lapidary ( is one of the internet's premier provider of all kinds of Colored stones. We specialize in cutting, all different shapes and sizes of Lab Created and Natural Stones, Faceted, Cabochon, Plain Beads, Faceted Beads and Fancy cuts.

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ILyas Lapidary( Our main export markets include the United States, Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America and Asia is renowned all over the world as a major gem and jewelry producing center and its highly skilled personnel have brought success to our company in achieving customer satisfaction.  Our company was the winner of the Thailand Export Product Award for 1989 which demonstrates our high quality and reliable service

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