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Privacy Policy

This document holds the complete information regarding privacy policy of In this privacy policy, we collect both personal and non-personal data of users as well as we depict the way we collect data, protecting the data, sharing the data, accessing it, permitting you (user) to edit it. We will also be explaining the legitimate legal rights possessed by the user over the data they provide or derived.

User Rights When accessing our website and providing personal data, we provide certain rights to the user, and the implication of those right may vary according to the individuals who use our site.

Right to get Informed The user will have the right to get infromed about the personal data being collected from them and the way we process it.

Right to Access You have got all the rights as a user to get confirmed regarding the processing of your data and also get accessed regarding the same.

Right to Rectification We provide the license of rectification to you (the user) to make necessary changes in your data which are found incorrect or incomplete.

Right to be Forgetten You have the ultimate right to request us for the removal of your specific data to which you feel is not necessary or to be forgotten.

Right to Restrict You have the right to restrict your data from getting further processed, and here we just hold the data in that particular location and store it but we don’t proceed further.

Right to data portability You possess the user right to transfer your selective set of data from your recordings and you need to send us an official email regarding the same.