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Simulated (Glass) Gems

Our catalog contains a full range of Simulated gems. All products are of exceptional quality for which we are renown.

Click on a current catalog button to find out more information for each colour and shape. Sizes range from 1mm to 20mm depending on type, size and shape.

Simulated (Glass) Gems Price

Simulated AquamarineSimulated Aquamarine RoundSimulated Aquamarine OvalSimulated Aquamarine SquareSimulated Aquamarine MarquiseSimulated Aquamarine HeartSimulated Aquamarine TriangleSimulated Aquamarine BaguetteSimulated Aquamarine Pear
Simulated Blue SapphireSimulated Blue Sapphire RoundSimulated Blue Sapphire OvalSimulated Blue Sapphire SquareSimulated Blue Sapphire MarquiseSimulated Blue Sapphire HeartSimulated Blue Sapphire TriangleSimulated Blue Sapphire BaguetteSimulated Blue Sapphire Pear
Simulated Blue SpinelSimulated Blue Spinel RoundSimulated Blue Spinel OvalSimulated Blue Spinel SquareSimulated Blue Spinel MarquiseSimulated Blue Spinel HeartSimulated Blue Spinel TriangleSimulated Blue Spinel BaguetteSimulated Blue Spinel Pear
Simulated Blue TopazSimulated Blue Topaz RoundSimulated Blue Topaz OvalSimulated Blue Topaz SquareSimulated Blue Topaz MarquiseSimulated Blue Topaz HeartSimulated Blue Topaz TriangleSimulated Blue Topaz BaguetteSimulated Blue Topaz Pear
Simulated Emerald GreenSimulated Emerald Green RoundSimulated Emerald Green OvalSimulated Emerald Green SquareSimulated Emerald Green MarquiseSimulated Emerald Green HeartSimulated Emerald Green TrianlgeSimulated Emerald Green BaguetteSimulated Emerald Green Pear
Simulated Green PeridotSimulated Peridot RoundSimulated Green Peridot OvalSimulated Peridot SquareSimulated Green Peridot MarquiseSimulated Peridot HeartSimulated Peridot TriangleSimulated Peridot BaguetteSimulated Peridot Pear
Simulated Orange SapphireSimulated Orange Sapphire RoundSimulated Orange Sapphire OvalSimulated Orange Sapphire SquareSimulated Orange Sapphire MarquiseSimulated Orange Sapphire HeartSimulated Orange Sapphire TriangleSimulated Orange Sapphire BaguetteSimulated Orange Sapphire Pear
Simulated Pink SapphireSimulated Pink RoundSimulated Pink Sapphire OvalSimulated Pink SquareSimulated Pink Sapphire MarquiseSimulated Pink HeartSimulated Pink TriangleSimulated Pink BaguetteSimulated Pink Pear
Simulated Red RubySimulated Red Ruby RoundSimulated Red Ruby OvalSimulated Red Ruby SquareSimulated Red Ruby MarquiseSimulated Red Ruby HeartSimulated Red Ruby TriangleSimulated Red Ruby BaguetteSimulated Red Ruby Pear
Simulated TanzaniteSimulated Tanzanite RoundSimulated Tanzanite Oval Simulated Tanzanite SquareSimulated Tanzanite MarquiseSimulated Tanzanite HeartSimulated Tanzanite TriangleSimulated Tanzanite BaguetteSimulated Tanzanite Pear
Simulated Yellow SapphireSimulated Yellow Sapphire RoundSimulated Yellow Sapphire OvalSimulated Yellow Sapphire SquareSimulated Yellow Sapphire MarquiseSimulated Yellow Sapphire HeartSimulated Yellow Sapphire TriangleSimulated Yellow Sapphire BaguetteSimulated Yellow Sapphire Pear

All Prices are in US$