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Natural White Topaz - Octagon
Natural White Topaz - Semi Precious White Topaz

The name is derived from its lemon-yellow color. Citrine is the yellow or golden yellow variety of quartz. The yellow coloration is due to the presence of iron is also responsible for the name derived from the word 'citr's'. Natural citrine is usually pale and yellow. The coloring agent is iron. Slow heating turns amethyst into citrine. It is often mistakenly called topaz. Citrine rarely occurs in natural deposits and is a valuable collector's item. Citrine has been highly regarded as gemstone and healing for almost six thousand years. The soldiers in Caesar's legions wore citrine on their chest because the stone was believed to have life-saving properties in battle. As befits its color, it is recognized as the stone of light, sun, and life.
white topaz gem octagon

Product nameTotal PcsPrice/ PcsPrice/ LotLotAction
Natural White Topaz, 5x3mm Octagon, 50pc lot 50 $0.67 $33.50
Natural White Topaz, 6x4mm Octagon, 50pc lot 50 $0.83 $41.50
Natural White Topaz, 7x5mm Octagon, 50pc lot 50 $1.67 $83.50
Natural White Topaz, 8x6mm Octagon, 30pc lot 30 $2.39 $71.75
Natural White Topaz, 9x7mm Octagon, 25pc lot 25 $3.92 $98.00
Natural White Topaz, 10x8mm Octagon, 20pc lot 20 $7.92 $158.50
Natural White Topaz, 11x9mm Octagon, 20pc lot 20 $10.53 $210.60