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Biron Hydrothermal Emerald

  • COLOR: A very fine green colour that a natural emerald would feel jealous of.
  • CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: BeAlSiO (BerylliumAluminiumSilicate). Similar to natural Emerald.
  • SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 2.66-2.69.
  • REFRACTIVE INDEX: 1.561-1.571.
  • HARDNESS: 7-7.5.
  • FORMATION: Hydrothermal or Flux-fusion lab process. The technique usually involves dissolving the crystal nutrients in an acidic solution of water and chemicals at high temperatures and pressures, with crystallization occurring in a cooler chamber in the reactor.
  • biron hydrothermal emerald oval

    Click on a current catalog button to find out more information for each colour and shape. Sizes range from 1mm to 20mm depending on type, size and shape.

    Biron Hydrothermal Emerald Price

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