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Natural Gemstones

We deliver best in class and high-quality natural gemstones for jewellery manufacturing and other commercial usages. We hold a wide range of gemstone that include both precious and semi-precious varieties like rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, and topaz. These gemstone are found to be minerals or organic substances which comes as highly durable, unique and long-lasting stones from our side. Buy natural gemstone affordable price that are available in several categories ranging from amethyst AAA to mystic topaz in the desired volume according to the demand of jewellery manufacturer.

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How Garnet Natural Gemstones Stone evolved?

Being one of the most ancient gemstone type, Garnet Gemstone is highly unique of its kind and hugely varies with characteristic trait and physical properties when compared with its peer gemstones exists in several varieties of sub-categorties in the form of silicate minerals where they have similar metaphysical properties but differs in chemical composition. This ancient gemstone was used since bronze age especially in the Egyptian region, where the people used to practice its usage as a tradition in shielding themselves against dark forces. Moreover Garnet Natural Gemstones is found to have a great healing power that helps to maintain perfect equilibrium in our inner energy. Amongst the several varieties of Garnet Gemstone, Almandine is found to be the wide occuring one and Demantoid is found to be the rarest of its bread. On the other hand, Pyrope and Rhodolite are the most common ones used for trading. We provide best quality Garnet gemstones for jwellery manufacturers and gemstone suppliers that comes out with diversified categories. .

How Garnet Gemstones are formed?

Garnet Natural Gemstones usually born in ingenious and metamorphic forms of rocks combined with alluvial soil that forms the best quality of Garnet Gemstone for us.

What are the various types of Garnet Gemstones?

Being the most established gemstone kind, Garnet Gemstones more of a mixture of several minerals that are interrelated to one another in their physical as well as chemical properties. There are six major types of Garnet Gemstones that are widely used for commercial, individual and other business purpose: Almandine, Andradite, Grossularite, Pyrope, Spessartine, Uvarovite .

What are the Health Benefits of Garnet Gemstones?

Garnet Gemstones that are less than one carat are found to be in abundant in numbers and also less expensive say for ten dollars and when you go for Garnet Gemstones with more than three carats is found to be bit tough to get it and some garnets with more than 10 carats are found to be the most rarest of its kind. Amongst the well-established Garnet Natural Gemstones the Demantoid and Tsavorite are foundd to be more expensive ones when compared to other Garnet Gemstones. The top-range of synthetic gemstones is avilable of different cateogries in terms of carat and deliver it to the jwellery manufacturers and gemstone suppliers according to current market demand.

  • 1. Garnet Gemstone is the perfect stone to regulate our body’s blood circulation and also cures blood related deficiencies.
  • 2. By stimulating the haemoglobin count, it can reduce the chance of occurrence for Haemorraghes and Inflammation.
  • 3. Garnet Gemstone has the capability of detoxifying the blood and keeps your heart healthy.
  • 4. Garnet Gemstone can strengthen lungs, spleen and also cures spine injury.
  • 5. Garnet Natural Gemstone reduces mental depression and shield us from poisoning.

White Topaz

How White Topaz Natural Gemstone evolved?

To know about the origination and evolution of White Topaz gemstone, we need to get back to older Greek mythology where the name Topaz got derived from the Greek word "Topazos" which means seeking your need, and this white Topaz found to be in the breastplate of the superior priest of a church.Premium quality White Topaz gemstone was found in Brazil, Texas and Colorado in the USA and also at mountain Utah.Tier-2 quality of White Topaz Natural Gemstones was found across Afghanistan, Pakistan, Srilanka, Australia, Russia, Norway, Germany and Japan.The White Topaz gemstone usually occurs as orthorhombic crystal in the earth by holding fluorine aluminium silicate as the major mineral. The purest form of Topaz was found as colourless in the earth mines and the other Topaz coloured ones were found because of varied heat treatment in the laboratory.

Different Shapes of White Topaz Gemstone?

  • 1. Baguette
  • 2. Emerald
  • 3. Heart
  • 4. Marquise
  • 5. Oval
  • 6. Pear
  • 7. Round
  • 8. Square
  • 9. Trillion

Benefits of White Topaz Natural Gemstones?

  • 1. Acts as a great stress reliever that heals you from depression.
  • 2. White Topaz also heals skin related problems and discovered that they can strengthen our hair and nails.
  • 3. This gemstone is believed to induce the power of high chakras of our body and it eventually contributes towards the upliftment of our psychic sense.
  • 4. Found to have the capability to decrease the migraine effects over us.
  • 5. Increases concentration by maintaining perfect equilibrium between body and mind.

Emerald Gemstones

How Emerald Natural Gemstone evolved?

Emerald gemstones is considered to be the well established and highly prefered one for devotional purpose ever since its inception irrespective of religious boundaries. Emerald got its name from the Greek word "smaragdus" which indicates means Green. Even though there are different varieties of green coloured gemstones exist in this world, none has attained the popularity of emerald gemstone.Emerald natural gemstone used by emperors since its origination and the world-famous Cleopatra was known for using this gemstone as an ornament.The emerald got established between the period of 330 BC and 1700 BC, and it got popular easily due to its quality physical attributes.Initially, Emerald got discovered from Egypt then Columbia, and later it was found abundantly across Europe and sub-continent territories. In ancient days, Emperors and kings used to stud this natural gemstone on their crown and thorn, and later it got into complete commercial use in terms of jewellery and other ornaments.

What are the types of Emerald Gemstones?

  • 1. Columbian Emerald
  • 2. Zambian Emerald
  • 3. Indian Emerald
  • 4. Brazilian Emerand
  • 5. Cat’s Eye Emerald
  • 6. Trapiche Emerald
  • 7. Star Emerald

Benefits of Emerald Natural Gemstones?

  • 1. Wearing Emerald gemstone induces the creativity of an individual and helps them to develop their linguistic talents.
  • 2. Emerald natural gemstone is found to have several healing capabilities like rectifying speech disorders and nervous disorders.
  • 3. Emerald gemstone can play a vital role in enhancing our memory, concentration and focus in mind.
  • 4. Emerald is found to have a special feature of antidote power that resits poison spread in the human body.
  • 5. Emerald gemstone is believed to reduce the labour time and labour pain amongst pregnant women and also found to relieve stress in them.

Natural Moonstone

How Natural Moonstone evolved?

Moonstone belongs to feldspar mineral group and this mineral group is found to be abundant in numbers in the earth crust than any other minerals (which is close to 45%) the very adularescence nature of moonstone gives it a unique characteristic of transparent and hyponetic effect.When compared with other gemstones, moonstone used to have a way old history since the world got incepted. There are talks about this natural gemstone in all the ancient mythologies like Hindu, Greek and Roman.It is strongly believed by the ancient Hindu and Rome mythology that, moonstone was something away from Earth, and it got it's unique attracting physical feature derived from the natural satellite itself. Further adding up to the flame, moonstones are compared with ancient Greek and Roman lunar gods like Luna (Roman) and Selene, Artemis and Hectate (Greek). Scattered presence of natural moonstones was majorly found in countries like the United States, New Mexico, Myanmar, Madagascar, India, Srilanka, Brazil, Germany and Tanzania.

What are the different types of natural moonstones?

  • 1. Blue Moonstone
  • 2. Green Moonstone
  • 3. Rainbow Moonstone
  • 4. Pink Moonstone

Benefits of Natural Moonstone?

  • 1. Wearing Moonstone would streamline the blood flow in our cells and brings the required calmness physically and mentally.
  • 2. Moonstone is said to stimulate the hidden gentleness in every human, by wearing it the person would remain super cool even in a high-pressure situation.
  • 3. Moonstone helps to maintain balanced aggression with us, by wearing this natural gemstone one can certainly hold their nerves and act without any distraction.
  • 4. A sleeping disorder has become the most common suffering amongst human and it would lead to various problems in future, moonstone can lead a helping hand by providing deep sleep for the wearer irrespective of their sleep duration.
  • 5. Natural Moonstones are believed to be the best healers of nosebleeds and absorbent issues.

Red Ruby

How Red Ruby Gemstone got evolved?

Even though Ruby gemstones persists in different colours, the red one is found to be highly popular with more demand. Being a part of the Corundum family, Ruby includes Sapphire with it, and its red colour resembles passion, power, strength and desire in life. Rubies are always found to be in the peak when it comes to demand due to their brightness, durability, hardness, and lustre when compared with other gemstones. As mentioned before Ruby belongs to the Corundum family and these gemstones are mostly colourless as they have aluminium as their core mineral and chromium plays the minority role. When this gemstone gets exposed to the sunlight, Ruby absorbs a particular wavelength from sunlight and then converts the Ruby into red coloured gemstone by increasing the presence of chromium in it. The Red Ruby Gemstone got originated from Burma (today's Myanmar) which delivered 100% pure natural gemstones to the world followed by countries like Cambodia, Srilanka, Pakistan and Tanzania. Red Rubies found in certain parts of the United States like North Carolina, South Carolina, Montana and Wyoming.

What are the benefits of Red Ruby Gemstones?

  • 1. Develops confidence within the wearer and helps to enhance their leadership skills.
  • 2. Wearing this gemstone would develop the habit of caring for our peers and turns us into an affectionate human.
  • 3. The natural red ruby gemstone would assist us to get clarity on our thoughts and help us plan wisely to reach success.
  • 4. Red Ruby gemstone helps to build a better personality and relieves us from stress.
  • 5.Red Ruby gemstones also ensures to address and solve health-related issues like blood pressure, jaundice, diarrhoea and backbone problems.

In how many colours does Red Ruby Gemstone exists?

  • 1. Pure Red Hue colour
  • 2. Purplish Hue colour
  • 3. Star Ruby


How Peridot Natural Gemstones got evolved?

The word Peridot is extracted from the Arabic word “Faridat” which means gems. This natural occurring gemstone was found deep inside the earth crust. A lot of connections were made with the Egyptian history and mythology with this gemstone, as the ancient Egyptians called it as “gem of the sun”. Early archaeological records also depict that Egyptians used to dig out this green gemstone from the island called “Topazios” in the Red sea. The Peridot Gemstone is always found to be the softest one with a Moh’s scale value of 6.5 with a little bit of extra hardness when compared to glass. Peridot was well known as “Poor man’s emerald” as it is easily found out by the diggers from mines when compared with other gemstones. There are 5 major regions which are said to be the repository of Peridot in the world, where the finest quality of Peridot was found in Myanmar followed by Pakistan, New Mexico, Arizona in USA, Vietnam and China.

What are the benefits of wearing Peridot Gemstone?

  • 1. Peridot enhances the creativity of the concern wearer and eventually brings work satisfaction.
  • 2. It builds one’s psychological strength and found to be the best emotional healer.
  • 3. It is believed that wearing Peridot natural gemstone would relieve one from digestion ailments.
  • 4. Peridot can improve our immunity and gives better eyesight.
  • 5. Peridot gives the courage to face our inner fear and outbeat it.

Different Colours of Peridot Stone

  • 1. Olive-green
  • 2. Olive yellow
  • 3. Brownish-green
  • 4. Dark-toned (close to black)
  • 5. Pure green

Blue Sapphire

How Blue Sapphire Gemstone got evolved?

History and scripture records depict that Blue Sapphire gemstone got evolved in two distinct regions of the Asian sub-continent which is now said to be Ratnapura, in Srilanka and Pailin in Cambodia. However, later in its evolution gemstone experts and other gemstone researchers concluded that these Blue Sapphire’s with good quality were found in territories of Kashmir, Burma, and Ceylon. But still another set of gemstone experts depict that good-quality blue sapphire gemstone was also found in other parts of the world but, these places have this particular gemstone is abundant. The history of Pailin Blue Sapphire starts with its find in the regions of Cambodia and Thailand which became well-established mining centre for ruby and sapphire kind of gemstones. Thailand became the hottest mining centre of Blue Sapphire gemstone in the period of 1970s and 1980s and the areas like Trat and Chanthaburi provinces got world popular.

What are the benefits of blue sapphire gemstone?

  • 1. Blue sapphire Natural gemstones tends to increase our energy level by enhancing our metabolism.
  • 2. Blue Sapphire Gemstone can bring us abundant good luck, prosperity, and wealth.
  • 3. Blue Sapphire plays a vital role in an individual’s decision making by giving them a clear mind to make the right move in their life.
  • 4. Blue Sapphire is the most preferred gemstone to help one with improving their focus and concentration on work and studies.
  • 5. Blue sapphire brings self-confidence, mental balance and saves from negative thoughts and depression

What are the different types of Blue Sapphire?

  • 1. Kashmir Blue Sapphire
  • 2. Burma Blue Sapphire
  • 3. SriLankan Blue Sapphire
  • 4. Thailand Blue Sapphire
  • 5. Australian Blue Sapphire


How Opal Natural Gemstones got evolved?

Geologists who got involved in the digging of gemstones found that the first opal relics were located in caves of Kenya and it might have originated in Ethiopia during 4000 BC. But this gemstone took centuries to get popular and it became well established during the 1990s. The Greek people used to call it as “Opallis” and the Latin people used to call it as “Opalus” which means “Perceiving a colour Change”, the Romans also used to term it as “Opalus” which means “ Precious Stone”. Hungary used to be the first unstructured market of Opal gemstone which is found in the regions of Dubnik and Tokaj which produced a rare kind of yellow-orange coloured common opal called “honey opal” and their influence got extinct in 18th century in terms of opal market. With the fall of the Hungarian market, Australians started dominating the Opal market in the late 1800s and still they hold 90% of the market share by having Germany as their biggest buyer.

What are the benefits of Opal Gemstone?

  • 1. Opal gemstone tends to increase the positive flow in an individual and increases required dynamism and originality.
  • 2. Opal is considered as a protection gemstone that aids us from Parkinson’s disease, fever and infections.
  • 3. Opal gemstone gets a step ahead and keeps our insulin level at the right rate, helps in easy childbirth and alleviates Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • 4. Opal gemstones is found to have the capability of healing the elixir of an eye, regenerates tissues and cures blood disorders.
  • 5. Opal gemstone protects our reproductive organs and relieves our sexual tensions.

What are the different types of Opal Gemstones?

  • 1. Natural Opal
  • 2. Black/Dark Opal
  • 3. Light/White Opal
  • 4. Boulder Opal
  • 5. Matrix Opal
  • 6. Triplet Opal
  • 7. Doublet Opal


How Citrine Gemstone got evolved?

Being a gemstone by nature, Citrine was celebrated all the years since its origination and it has played the most important part in almost all the civilization since ages. Both the Roman Catholic and Latin used to mention this gemstone as “ Chyrosolitus” since the old ages which means “Goldstone” and it is said to be present in the breastplate of Aaron as one amongst the other 12 precious gemstones. In the Hellenistic age (i.e. between 300 B.C. to 150 B.C) Citrine gemstone grasped the attention of Greeks and soon it became a usable stone in their tools and jewellery with a highly prized possession. Now (in 17th century) the Citrine Natural Gemstones got caught in the eyes of Scottish people, where their fighters used it extensively as a decorating material in their Swords and Daggers. The Citrine Gemstone faced a mild setback during the early 1900s due to the raise of diamonds and sapphire gemstones, but still, it bounced back in the mid-1900s with its honey-yellow coloured gemstone which is widely used in jewellery. The vintage and art era of the later 20th century was the actual golden period of a citrine gemstone as it is used by the royal lady of the world “Queen Elizabeth” and also it went out for diversified usage in the art era by getting implemented in home decors, furniture and clothing as well.

What are the benefits of Citrine Gemstone?

  • 1. Citrine gemstone is found to clean our body and subtle parts by purifying our inner soul.
  • 2. Citrine is found to balance our thyroid level and detoxifies our blood by regulating blood flow.
  • 3. By removing hot flashes Citrine gemstones tend to bring a balance in our hormones.
  • 4. Citrine natural gemstones will neutralize our inner negative energy and exponentially enhances the positive vibes in our body.
  • 5. Citrine removes the infection in kidney and gal bladder.

What are the different types of Citrine Gemstone?

  • 1. Golden Citrine
  • 2. Lemon Quartz
  • 3. Madeira Citrine
  • 4. Palmeria Citrine
  • 5. Yellow Citrine

Blue Topaz

How Blue Topaz Gemstones got evolved?

Blue Topaz is said to found by Romans about two million years ago in the land of Topazios on the bank of Red sea. People from ancient Roman civilization believed that this... Blue Topaz could protect them from enemies and brings them inner peace and this natural gemstone is also treated as the best healer. Egyptian civilization also had a good connection with this Blue Topaz natural gemstones, where they used it as a worshipping tool in their ancient days and they firmly believed that it had good connect with their Sun god named Ra. The Blue Topaz Gemstone is also found to have a connection with several tribals of South America since the ancient times and they believed that this gemstone could be a perfect reliever of disple sickness during the full moon time. Talking about the Blue Topaz Gemstone in modern-day history, it played an interesting role amongst the life of royal people across the European nations. The Portuguese Royal Crown got decored by Braganza Blue Topaz and the Parurae necklace made for Maria Pavlovna from Royal family of Sweden also had the Blue Topaz originated from Brazil. Hence Brazil is found to be the abundant repository for Blue Topaz followed by China, USA, Mexico and Russia.

What are the different types of Blue Topaz Gemstone?

  • 1. Sky Blue
  • 2. Swiss Blue
  • 3. London Blue

Benefits in Blue Topaz Gemstone?

  • 1. Blue Topaz Possess the capability of healing neck and throat infection.
  • 2. Blue Topaz Gemstone down our anger and gives good visionary power.
  • 3. Blue Topaz stone is known for its unique feature combining our body and mind with the soul.
  • 4. Blue Topaz is an interesting natural gemstone that can increase the unique ability of an individual.
  • 5. Blue Topaz is a writers gemstone that helps the wearer to express in a better way.