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Nano crystal

Namo crystal is the new form of jewellery stone we deliver that got brewed under a high-temperature condition of 1500-1750 Celsius. We deliver high-quality nanocrystal gemstones for a varied set of jewellery manufacturers that is found to be a proper mixture of Silica, Zirconia, Alumina, Zinc, lithium and Magnesium. These homogeneous nano crystals are vastly distributed in the amorphous matrix. The homogeneous nano crystals pave the way for the formation of various physical and chemical elements like spinel, gahnite, sapphirine and other crystals..

Hydrothermal Emerald
Hydrothermal Emerald
Nano Crystal Emerald
NANO Crystal Emerald
Chatem Emerald
Chatem Emerald
Synthetic Diffusion Sapphire
Synthetic Diffusion Sapphire
Chatem Sapphire
Chatem Sapphire
Chatem Ruby
Chatem Ruby

Hydrothermal Emerald - Nano Crystal Gemstone Provider

Emerald got originated from the Greek word "Smargados" which depicts green stone. The greenish colour in this gemstone is highly unique and hence determined as emerald green. This emerald belongs nanocrystal gemstone category, and it is well-known for its hardness, transparency, and bright green colour. These nano crystal gemstones are hydrothermally grown as a mixed solution which gets exposed towards heat and pressure in lab conditions similar to that of deriving natural gemstones.Since this particular nanocrystal gemstone was created by using the hydrothermal process it is known as Hydrothermal Emerald. The creation of hydrothermal emerald nano crystal involves using a water solution at hgih temperature followed by several months of continuous processing in creating this particular nano crystal gemstone. We then use expert gemstone engineers to cut the rough hydrothermal emerald to convert it into a proper shape.

Properties of Hydrothermal Emerald Nano Crystal Gemstone


Hydrothermal emerald nano crystal comes out with dark green colour

Chemical Composition:

Berillium Aluminium Silicate (BeAlSiO)


This nano crystal gemstone we provide comes out with different cut formats like:

  • Round brilliant cut
  • Oval brilliant cut
  • Cushion cut
  • Square cut
  • Rectangular octagon cut
  • Marquise cut
  • Trillion cut
  • Heart shape cut

  • Specific Gravity:

    We maintain the perfect specific gravity for hydrothermal emerald gemstone that ranges from 2.66-2.69

    Refractive Index:

    The quality of the emerald nano crystal gemstone we provide gets reflected in the refractive index that ranges between 1.561- 1.571


    We provide the most rigid nanocrystal synthetic gemstone with a hardness of 7-7.5

    Formation Process:

    We use both hydrothermal and flux-fusion lab process in creating the hydrothermal emerald nano crystal according to the conditions where we used to diffuse the crystal solutions of the gemstones in aciidic solutions of water and chemicals that persist under high pressure and the crystallization taking place in the cooler chamber of the reactor to get the desired nanocrystal gemstone.

    Strange Characteristic:

    Hydrothermal Emerald crystal has a very unique character of giving a look alike feel of natural nano crystal gemstone as this characterstic inclusion can bring in the diminishing of the stone value. The only change which can be witnessed is its physical property that distinguish its opaqueness, specific gravity and refractive index.

    Chatham Blue Sapphire Nano Crystal

    Being the most established and highly commendable gemstone of nanocrystal kind Chatham Sapphire is found to be a unique kind of synthetic gemstone that is highly useful for a variety of needs. This nanocrystal s found to be the gemstone that reflects truth, faithfulness and soul purifier. Amongst the Chatham nanocrystal category, Blue sapphire is found to be the most solid gemstone which is highly rigid by its nature. The colour in Chatham sapphire exhibits based on its crystal structure, where even the best Chatham gemstone is found to exist with different colour shades, and that's the reason behind the existence of Chatham sapphire nanocrystal gemstone in three different varieties of blue colour.

    Difference between Natural and Lab-created Chatham Sapphire

    Natural Chatham Sapphire

    Has unique features like individual chemical and physical properties

    Imperfection does occur in any one element

    Less durable and highly hard

    Highly expensive

    Larger footprint

    Lab-created Chatham Sapphire

    Grows by imitating the features of natural gemstones

    Found to be highly perfect and accurate

    More durable with an equal hardness

    Cost reduced- prevails at a modest rate

    Smaller footprint

    Benefits found in Chatham Sapphire Nano Crystal

  • Chatham nanocrystal gemstones are not treated in any case to change its colour even when it gets synthesized.
  • Highly reliable and trusted by jewellery manufacturers and gemstone suppliers.
  • Our lab created sapphire nanocrystals are minimal in price when compared to its counterparts which got minned naturally.

  • Chemical Properties of Chatham Sapphire

  • The occurrence of blue colour in this gemstone is due to the sheer presence of iron and chromium in its chemical composition.
  • The purest form of this nanocrystal gemstones can be found under dense rocks and also in the sites of evacuated volcanoes.
  • The raw form of Chatham Sapphire looks completely muddy and it then undergoes heated and well-structured treatment to obtain back its shiny colour.
  • The due course of heating process enriches its hidden colour stimulating elements without disturbing the nature benefit causing elements.
  • Hardness according to Moh’s scale reading is 9
  • The specific gravity of Chatham Sapphire ranges between 3.99- 4
  • Refractive index varies from- 1.760 to 1.768 and 1.770 to 1.779

  • Physical Properties of Chatham Sapphire


    Since these nanocrystal gemstones were dug out from the intense forest and hard rocks they usually come out with a high level of hardness and it is measured in Carats. The average Chatham Sapphire gemstone with a moderate level of hardness is found with 536 carats.


    Chatham Sapphire gemstone exists in a variety of cuts like:

  • Oval
  • Round
  • Prince
  • Square
  • Angel

  • Colour:

    Chatham Sapphire nanocrystals were usually found in light to blue colour in abundance and the rarest and precious kind of this gemstone is found in areas of Kashmir with a milky white appearance.